June is also an inspirational teacher of the Word of God, and an anointed conference speaker. She has ministered throughout the United States, as well as in many foreign countries.

Welcome to my updated website.

I thought to introduce myself and share a little about my life. My husband, Shelly, and I are Jewish believers in Jesus for forty-five years, married for fifty-five years ––(I cannot believe we are that old)! We reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have three married children (parents to six), eleven grandchildren, (five married – grandparents to sixteen). We also have two great-grandsons and we are expecting our first great granddaughter in mid-April of 2019. We also have many spiritual children and grandchildren around the world. It is a tremendous privilege and blessing to serve the Lord. Shelly and I have helped fulfill God’s command to Adam: be fruitful and multiply. 🙂

Shelly is an itinerate Bible Teacher, Founder of ‘For Zion’s Sake’ weekday radio program, and has served the Body of Messiah for over thirty-three years as a Pastor. We have traveled to many foreign countries to encourage leaders and congregations. We are speakers at conferences and seminars. We have also evangelized in remote villages in Eastern Europe. As we have ministered, the presence of the Lord has manifested His Power in salvations and healings. We have prayed for many barren women who have conceived. We have experienced broken marriages restored along with revival in the hearts of peoples from many nations, tongues and kindred. Shelly and I have also led many of our kinsmen, sons and daughters of Israel, to the saving knowledge of Yeshua––Jesus as their Messiah, Lord, and King.

I have received encouraging testimonies from readers of life-changing events. They have shared with me of a deepening desire to have a closer relationship with the Lord after reading my books. Surprising to me, men are touched – as are children. Women I expected to be my only welcomed audience – but I was mistaken!

Oh, I cannot forget to introduce Princie to you, our forever puppy! He is our personal greeter to all our houseguests. He sits by our side when we record our radio programs, he prays with us, and he sits by my side when I write J.

A heartfelt thank you to my dear sister and friend, Tracy Tisdale, for all her diligent labor in designing and putting together this website. May the Lord reward you and bless you mightily. I’m forever grateful.

My hope for you is to be blessed while reading:

  • The God Who Answers By Fire; A Jewish Saga.
  • Drinking from the Wells of Salvation with Study Guide.

And, coming out very soon:

  • The Secret Place––A Thirty-One Day Devotional.

I invite you to contact me. I do look forward to hearing from you.

With Blessings,

June Volk

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