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I thought to introduce myself and share a little about my life. My husband, Shelly, and I are Jewish believers in Jesus for forty-five years, married for fifty-five years ––(I cannot believe we are that old)! We reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have three married children (parents to six), eleven grandchildren, (five married – grandparents to sixteen). We also have two great-grandsons and we are expecting our first great-granddaughter in mid-April of 2019. We also have many spiritual children and grandchildren around the world. It is a tremendous privilege and blessing to serve the Lord. Shelly and I have helped fulfill God’s command to Adam: be fruitful and multiply.

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Reviews of "The God Who Answers By Fire"

  • The God Who Answers by Fire will definitely invigorate your funny bone and activate your tear ducts. Furthermore, it will inform, entertain and inspire any reader of this true and fascinating story. One's faith in the living Lord is both challenged and encouraged as one turns the pages of this captivating and amazing book. Read it and urge others to get a copy which will be very rewarding and refreshing to their faith.

    Dr. Anis Shorrosh Author, Evangelist, Apologist, USA
  • “Rarely does a book come along with a story that God can and does answer – and is believable. Rarer still a story that is convincing. In June Volk’s The God Who Answers by Fire, it is God who answers not by a fire that consumes but by fire that refines! Raised in New York City, living in affluent Connecticut, she and her family suddenly uprooted and moved to rural northern Minnesota, where the refining fire was required sometimes daily, sometimes hourly – sometimes minute-by-minute. Her story is simple, funny, serious, heart-breaking, profound, and uplifting. The refining was steady, nurturing a flame that burned from within. It’s one of a kind.”  

    Peter Brock Pulitzer Prize Finalist, Author, Career newspaper journalist
  • The same God who flung the stars in space is also deeply involved in our everyday lives and circumstances. In this wonderful book, June Volk---like Enoch of old---shares how she too has "walked with God." Too often we look for God in the big events rather than seeing Him work in our daily routine. I pray this book will open your eyes to the Ways of God.

    David Ravenhill Author/Itinerant Teacher, Lindale, Texas
  • June Volk is one of the most sold-out, dynamic Jewish believers in Jesus I have ever met. Her commitment, zeal, and faith in her God is contagious. For anyone seeking ultimate truth and purpose for their life, this book is must reading.

    Jonathan Bernis President of Jewish Voice Ministries International, Phoenix, AZ
  • A warm and candid account of how God can be found in our everyday routine and circumstance and how sometimes He answers not by a fire that consumes but by fire that refines. Raised in New York City, living in affluent Connecticut, she and her family are suddenly uprooted and moved to rural northern Minnesota, where Volk learns about the refining fire. Her story is simple, funny, profound and uplifting. June Volk is a Jewish believer.  

    Purple Pomegranate Productions Purple Pomegranate Productions

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